Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eurasia Cafe and Wine Bar

When it comes to good wine in Virginia, it has got to be Eurasia Cafe and Wine bar! Boasting of rackful of perfectly packaged and priced good wine, the bar is set to setting the bar really high. When is the best time to come visit Eurasia - just about ANY time! But in all honesty, we think that the best time to head over would be during a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, Virginia party bus event like bachelor or bachelorette party. The cafe and wine bar provides top notch, quality and attentive customer service as their staff goes from one customer to the other, asking if they are enjoying the impeccable wine that they have been served during their visit.
Is this the right place for non wine-drinkers? Yes, of course it is! Hear it from a non-drinker - ‘I am not into the whole wine drinking, and have no interest about where the wine came from, the dates. Basically, I am here for good company and hopefully, good service. And this, I got it at Eurasia. The prices on those wine bottles are kind of scary but maybe that is because I have not explored the topic before but my wine-loving friends seems to be more than happy to pay the price for the wine that they enjoyed completely on the night that we were there.’ reviewed a loyal Virginia charter bus rental customer of ours.
Good food is also to be expected at this Virginia charter bus rental tourist attraction and some may go as far as to say that this is the place to find some of the best beach food there is on this part of the country. Eurasia, apparently, not just take their wine seriously, the chef pays special attention to bring you perfect dishes together with your drink.
Never heard of fried avocados? Here is where you get to sample THAT and also the most perfect tempura batter ever. There is a wide range of other mouth-watering dishes available on their menu too, so, give those a shot. For those of you who are unsure about what to order, do not hesitate to ask their staff. They are trained to treat every single one of their customers like royalty.
The atmosphere is clean, chic and modern which helps make customers feel comfortable sans the forced feeling of having to pretend that you are mingling with an elite group of friends. None of that. Here, you just be yourself, enjoy your food and drinks and get treated like you are a million bucks. Here’s to hoping that every single one of you had a great time during your Virginia bus charter vacation because you deserve it!