Sunday, April 14, 2013

Roaming around Roanoke by Charter Bus

The city of Roanoke, Virginia, is the largest metropolitan city in the Roanoke Valley. The city sits next to the city of Salem and the town of Vinton. Roanoke, with a population of almost 100,000 people, is the commercial and cultural epicenter of the Roanoke Valley. As the center of the region, it has numerous attractions for people living in or visiting the area with a charter bus. The children’s activities in Roanoke, VA, provide educational and fun experience for kids visiting the area. Visit Roanoke with bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus chartered from Bus Charter Virginia and travel through the city in style and comfort.
The Mill Mountain Zoo, which opened in 1952, is a children’s activity in Roanoke where kids on a charter bus visit can learn about animal life around the world. The zoo has 35 different species and 85 animals within these species. Among these animals, they have numerous endangered species, including the red panda, snow leopard and white-naped crane. Mill Mountain Zoo has spring and summer camps for children, where they learn about wildlife and participate in hands-on nature adventures. Children get a zoo-themed t-shirt for attending zoo camp.
Founded in 1970, the mission of the Science Museum of Western Virginia is making science and technology assessable for all, including Virginia charter bus visitors. It has numerous interactive exhibits and a planetarium in this facility located in downtown Roanoke. The Reinvention plan has developed three galleries, which are Healthy Bodies, Healthy Earth, and How it Works. Healthy Bodies draws attention to nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental health, dental health and disease prevention. The goal of this exhibit encourages a healthy lifestyle at an early age. Healthy Earth focuses on preserving natural resources and how it works explores the world of chemistry, physics and technology. Children learn about the world around them by touch.
At the Virginia Museum of Transportation, charter bus visitors can view a collection of automobiles and railroad trains. The “Mud to Mobility” collections of vehicles include everything from old wagons to classic Model T’s. Children see a timeline of the history of motor vehicles. In addition to the cars exhibited in the museum, Virginia license plates dating back to 1917 are displayed. The railroad exhibit includes more than 10 locomotives, including Norfolk and Western Class J 611 and Class A-1218. Depending on when you make a charter bus visit to the museum, themed events take place, focusing on specific forms of transportation like bikes or distinct time periods.
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