Friday, October 4, 2013

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

Are you heading over to Cape Charles in Virginia and looking forward to visiting some popular landmarks? Then we think you should include making a visit to Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel which is an amazing inspiring 18-mile long landmark. This landmark remains to be one of the few engineering wonders of the world. It may serve as a transportation stopover hub for some but we think it is more than just a bridge and tunnel - it offers incredible view of the bay, provides a shopping center...and of course, clean restrooms and rest areas. If you have the time for it, we think we might even be able to interest you in hitting the pier....never fails to impress the kids. So, come over to the bay bridge and tunnel with a Virginia charter bus and let us know if the view was worth the stop.
Making the connection
The bay bridge tunnel may stretch nearly eighteen mile long but it conveniently connects the East shore with mainland Virginia’s beach and Norfolk. Without the bridge, it would have taken ninety more minutes for travelers to get from Wilmington, Delaware to the East Coast or North Carolina’s Outer banks. So, for the locals, this is not just a tourist attraction, it is a convenient means of transportation.
A wonder of the engineering world
Following its official launching back in April 15, 1964, it was a well-known fact that it drew much admiration from the folks in the engineering world. Therefore, it was of no surprise at all when the folks officially included it into the list of seven engineering wonders of the modern world. Yes, there is an actual list of this kind and it included some of the most amazing structures worldwide. The American Society of Civil Engineers even named said that it was ‘the outstanding civil engineering achievement’.
To date, hundreds of millions of people and vehicles have made use of the structure.
Thrilling experience
A user once shared with us what it felt like to drive across the tunnel. ‘You pay the toll at the booth and then it was a just a matter of trying not to freak out about how amazing the ride was. Everywhere you looked, there was water. It was awesome too because it wasn’t rush hour so, we took our time, driving according to speed limit and we even captured the whole thing on video, incredible tunnel and bridge,’ shares Helen, a avid traveler.
To make the most out of that experience, stop at the visitors and gift center. There, right there, your breath will taken away from you and at the end, bring a souvenir home with you to commemorate the trip.