Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Touring The Massive Maymont

If you are looking for a place to go where the whole family and friends of the family can find something to do and enjoy, then you will need to charter a VA bus and head on down to Maymont – a 100-acre American estate, which was generously given by James and Sallie Dooley, who had lived there from 1893 right up to 1925.

Many VA charter bus passengers are happy to know that admission fee is not required when you visit the Maymont’s grounds, but they do require donations for their indoor exhibits, while fees are required for the Nature Center exhibits as well as the special programs and tours. When you first arrive at the grounds of Maymont’s, it is always good to start your visit at the Robins Nature & Visitor Center – which is just right at the front door of Maymont’s. The Robins Nature & Visitor Center is not just a place where you get to see exhibits of exotic creatures from the sea, but rather, visitors will be astonished to find out the variety of species living right at the Richmond’s own backyard. With its 20-foot waterfall that flows into 13 giant aquariums that are linked, visitors will be able to see creatures such as river otters, turtles and different types of fish.

After that, you can proceed to visiting the 1893 Maymont Mansion, where you can opt for a self guided tour of the below stairs of the mansion; and if you want to visit the upper floors of the mansion, you will need to sign up for a guided tour, but trust us, it is worth it. After you and your friends are through with visiting the Maymont Mansion, the next place that you should take a look before you climb back on the VA charter bus is the elaborate and unique Japanese and Italian gardens. One thing that you need to take note of before you visit the Maymont grounds is that they have different visiting or opening hours for their indoor exhibits and the outdoors. While the outdoors of the Maymont’s can be visited daily, the indoor exhibits are subjected to different hours, so be sure to find out the various exhibit hours so that you can plan your time when you are here. Picnic lunches are always something that many visitors to the Maymont grounds would do to complete their visit here, so if you like picnics, why not have your friends share in bringing something with them for a picnic lunch at Maymont’s?