Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where It All Comes Alive At Virginia Living Museum

Virginia Living Museum is a museum where one gets to see up close some of the wildlife and creatures of the sea that you may not be able to do so in some other museums. Yes, this is truly a cool museum to visit and an even cooler idea would be to go to the museum in a VA charter bus with your family and friends. If you are planning a family outing in the near future, this is the place to go. And if you have friends who have children too, you may want to invite them to join you and your family for a trip to the Virginia Living Museum – after all, you will be chartering a bus for the trip, why not have more people join in the fun of riding in a bus together? The kids will simply love the idea!
Virginia Living Museum is very well maintained and rather clean too, with staffs that are well trained and knowledgeable and very friendly too. They will never get tired of answering questions from the public, especially from little children who are so inquisitive and curious about the animals. Children are always very active and full of questions whenever they visit any new places, especially one with animals. They will get even more excited when they are able to get up close with the animals and touch them (well, maybe not all the animals) – and that is exactly what VA chartered bus passengers will get to do when they arrive at the Virginia Living Museum.
The Virginia Living Museum became the first living museum that combines the fundamentals of a native wildlife park, science museum, aquarium, botanical preserve and planetarium in 1987, making it a popular destination for families, especially those with little children. Even the older children find the museum quite irresistible. Endangered red wolves, loggerhead turtles, moon jellies, fish with no eyes and frogs that change colors – these are just some of the animals that you will see at the museum. As if this is not enough to perk the interests of the visitors to the museum, they also have a special “Touch Tank” with sea stars and horseshoe crabs – something that kids will absolutely enjoy, as well as some hands on activities for them to explore too. There’s so much to see and do at the museum that it wouldn’t be surprising if yours and your friends’ kids are pleading to return to the place again as soon as you head home in the chartered bus.